About Us

About Us

Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems, part of the 109-year, $8 billion TVS Group of India, acquired SIRIUS Controls Pvt Ltd. In Mar-2020. SIRIUS Controls Pvt Ltd. was set up in 1986 to produce Chargers for Flooded Lead Acid, VRLA, and Lithium batteries used in Material Handling Equipment. Sirius has over 95% market share of all major MHE OEMs in India.

Our core strength is in our Engineering Design Centre which continuously innovates, develops, expands and improves with a “can do” approach for all our global customers. As a result, we design solutions for all challenges and opportunities from a full range of battery chargers across complete spectrum of price points. Our unique business model, a passion for reliability, unrivalled customer service and an enduring loyalty to our clients make TVS Sirius a preferred partner for customers worldwide.

We indigenously develop, test and manufacture all our chargers in India. One of our other key strengths lies in the ability to optimize the supply chain, ensuring timely access to raw materials and efficient manufacturing and assembly processes. Implementing rigorous quality control measures, such as Total Quality Management, ensures that our products meet or exceed industry standards, reducing defects and enhancing reliability.


  • Proven reliable chargers with over 1 lakh chargers in India and different parts of the world.
  • Ability to customize our chargers to meet charging requirements for various batteries.
  • Efficient and quick after sales service support throughout India.
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