Battery Discharge Indicator


Battery Discharge Indicator

Maintenance Instrument


Battery selection – Universal Model - 24V*/30V/36V/48V/60V/72V/80V (Factory set), and for 12V battery only.

Display – Battery state-of-charge: 7 tri-color LED array, Hour meter: 8 character x 2 line LCDResolution – Hour meter: 99,999.9 Hrs.

Hour meter: 8 character x 2 line LCD.

Resolution – Hour meter: 99,999.9 Hrs.

Dimensions - 51 mm diameter, 75 mm depth.

Lift-cut off relay contacts - 5 Amps at 24 - 72V dc.

Environmental Standards

Shock SAE J 1378, Amplitude 40g, half sine, 6ms duration
Vibration SAE J 1378, Double amplitude of 1.53mm with frequency
Operating Sweep for 10-80-10Hz (10g) at 1 minute interval
Temperature 40°C to +90°C
Storage -50°C to +90°C
Temperature 65 Front, 40 Rear with Molex connector installed
IP Rating CE – Marked

To Monitor Battery Discharge Levels In Traction Applications

  1. Features two models a Universal model for batteries from 24V to 72V (Model: LH 24-72) and for 12V batteries (Model: LH 12)
    The module (which is to be fitted on to the vehicle) serves to indicate to the vehicle operator/floor supervisor that the battery requires to be re-charged.
  2. The Sirius BDI incorporates an Hour meter, suitable alarms and cut-off controls.
  3. The BDI essentially monitors the rate of fall of the battery voltage (on discharge) and provides appropriate alarms and controls when the battery is discharged. This serves as an early warning indication that the battery needs to be re-charged.
  4. The BDI provides a multi-colour (Green, Amber and Red) LED-based bar graph display which is indicative of the state of the battery, as well as an audible (buzzer) annunciation when battery is discharged to ~65% of its capacity. This serves as an indication that the battery needs to be re-charged.
  5. The BDI also incorporates a relay who's NO and NC contacts are brought out to provide an interlock with the lift motor – this enables the lift motor drive to be locked out when the Battery is discharged to below 80% of its capacity. This provides protection against over-discharging of the battery, thus prolonging battery service life.
  6. The actual run-time of the vehicle (operational time) is displayed on the LCD display with a full-scale value of 99999.9 hours followed by a rollover to 0. The hour meter reading is non-volatile i.e, cannot be reset by the operator or by battery disconnection.
  7. Using the push button switches, user can easily set the nominal battery voltage (24V*/30V/36V/48V/60V/72V/80V) and low batt. voltage level depending on the required rate of discharge from C2 to C10 in the universal model. The BDI will store these selected values in the non-volatile memory.
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