Customer Support Partners

TVS Sirius in in the process of expanding its Pan India Customer Service Network. The purpose of this CSN is to ensure that the end user of TVS Sirius equipment have a quick access to our Customer Service Partner. These CSP’s will be located, in all Industrial Hub’s in India. This will ensure a minimum downtime to the TVS Sirius equipment as well as the Battery Material Handling equipment at the end customer.

TVS Sirius will also introduce a range of new products including Tillers, Speed Controllers, DC Connectors, Hydraulic motors, and Drive assemblies etc. These will be stocked, sold, and delivered through our CSP.

We are currently enrolling Customer Service Partners across the country. We are ideally looking at a typical profile of a CSP is a company with 4-6 years in the material handling equipment field, has 2-3 Electrical technicians to service equipment, located in an Industrial hub.

A potential CSP must be committed to ensuring that TVS Sirius chargers have a minimum downtime and the client can use the MHE equipment. They must be willing to work as an extension on TVS Sirius. TVS Sirius will provide training and service manuals to the CSP technician.

Please send your expression of interest and company details to or We will be pleased to get back to you.

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