Single Phase charger

MP1 Series

MP1 Series

Rugged 230 V,50Hz Chargers
for Heavy Industrial Environments



Floor Cleaners

Golf Carts

Tow Trucks

Pallet Trucks


Advanced Controlled Current Charging Profile. This is gentle on the battery and extends battery life.

Auto-Cut-Off when battery is 100% Charged.

Battery Manufacturer recommended Constant Current EQUALISE Facility to increase battery life.

LCD display to display charging voltage, charging current, charge time and Ampere Hours put back. Easy for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

No Overcharging/Undercharging due to dv/dt Charge Status Evaluation electronic circuits.

Electronic protection against reverse battery, over current & short circuit.

Front panel LEDs for displaying charging and fault status.

Voltage range 180VAC – 260 VAC

For Recharging And Equalising Of Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

The modes available are :

Normal Mode

  1. This is used to Recharge a battery has been used by the equipment.

  2. Connect the charger to AC and the Battery. The charger evaluates the condition of the battery, starts charging at the programmed current and stops charging when battery is 100% charged.

Equalising Mode

  • Battery manufacturers insist that batteries should be equalised to extend battery life. Leading battery manufacturers recommend true constant current equalizing. This is to "extend battery life".

  • Equalising charge is required for batteries after they are fully charged to make sure that all cells are balanced. This means that all cell voltages and battery specific gravities are approximately equal. This ensures that all cells of the battery are discharged equally during the work-shift phase. This prevents sulphation in some cells. This extends battery life.

  • The Sirius Charger in 'EQUALISE mode' allows charging of batteries that are deeply discharged.
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